Instructions for parent or teacher to instruct a child in a ‘times table’ using
‘Rhyme Times Table’ cards.

Rhyme Times Tables uses objects that can be visually represented rather than numbers so the Three Times Table becomes the Tree Times Table, the Four Times Table becomes The Door Times Table etc.

Select a times table that you
wish a child to learn

e.g. the three
times table

(the tree times table.)

Show the child a single card
with the number three on

and say

“one tree is three”.

Turn the card around showing
the single blank tree

and ask the child

“what is one tree?”

i.e. 3
Show the child two tree card
with the number 6 on

and say

“two trees are 6”.

Turn the card around showing
the two blank trees

and ask the child

“what are two

i.e. 6
Repeat this process for the
rest of cards. Regularly use
the word "three"
instead of tree.
During this process keep revisiting cards
showing the child blank sides and ask

what should the matching number be?

Because the tables are so visual and easy to recall,
before long the child will be able to answer
any questions about the tree (three) times table.